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Funding opportunities

Here’s a list of our open, paused and closed funding rounds.

Coming soon

Currently paused

Closed rounds

  • Themed grant round

    Grant:COVID-19 grant round

    We launched our COVID-19 grant round in response to the pandemic. We had two aims. Firstly, to provide targeted support to young people at-risk of being drawn into violent crime. Secondly, to learn fast about the best ways to reach vulnerable young people during a period of social distancing.
  • Themed grant round

    Grant:Capacity building round

    Following the Launch grant round, we awarded 45 organisations capacity building grants, totalling £2m. Each received support from one of our learning partners to improve how they demonstrate and articulate their impact.
  • Themed grant round

    Grant:Launch grant round

    We launched our first grant round in May 2019, awarding a total of £18.1m to 24 projects, working with 36,000 children across England and Wales.

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