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Race Equity Fund

The Phoenix Way – Children and Youth Emergency Round

Entry deadline:
8th May 2023


The Youth Endowment Fund has partnered with The Phoenix Way to distribute £10 million in funding to Black, Asian and other minority-led charities and community groups in England and Wales.

The YEF’s mission is to find what works to prevent children becoming involved in violence and build a movement to put this knowledge into practice. The £10 million investment is part of our commitment to make sure our funding reaches and benefits children and young people from Black, Asian and other minority backgrounds.

About The Phoenix Way

The Phoenix Way is a national collaborative partnership led by The Ubele Initiative. It was established during the Covid-19 pandemic to help Black, Asian and other minority-led organisations to access funding and support. The partnership’s grant-making decisions are driven by panels of individuals who are rooted in the communities they serve. Global Fund for Children will manage the YEF’s funding and administer grants on behalf of the partnership.

Children and Youth Emergency Round

Part of our £10 million investment will used by The Phoenix Way’s to co-fund a new £1 million Children and Youth Emergency Round.

Funding is available to Black, Asian and other minority-led organisations in England, which support children and young people and are dealing with rising costs.

Applicants can apply for grants of £20,000.

Applications will be accepted until midnight on the 8th May 2023.

To find out about this round of grant funding, as well as eligibility criteria and information about how to apply, click the link below.

Please note: this grant round is run and managed by The Phoenix Way, not the Youth Endowment Fund.


If you have a question about this grant round please email: