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Evaluation data archive

Find out more about the data we’ll collect, how we’ll store it and how we’ll keep it safe.

Right now, we just don’t know enough about the policies, programmes and approaches that successfully protect children from becoming involved in crime. To make sure children get the best possible chance of a life free from violence, we need to make sure they’re getting the right support at the right time. To do that, we need to gather evidence so that we can understand what does – and doesn’t – work.

That’s why we’re using our £200 million, ten-year endowment to fund projects we can learn from. To make sure we can understand what’s helping, we’ll need to collect and store data so that we can follow the future progress of the children who’ve been supported by our projects.

In building and sharing this knowledge together, we’ll help people in power make good decisions based on evidence. That means we won’t just be providing short-term funding. We’ll be using what we know to make lasting and sustainable change.

Our evaluation data archive

To find out what works, we’ll need to collect and store some highly sensitive data for a long time. We are absolutely committed to making sure that we’re keeping it safe, from the point the data is collected, to when it’s accessed by future researchers.

Working with our Evaluator Panel, the Office of National Statistics, the Department for Education and our legal team, we’ve designed a system that means that all data collected as part of a Youth Endowment Fund evaluation will be as secure as possible.

To find out more about the data we’ll collect, how we’ll store it and how we’ll keep it safe, you can read our FAQs.

Guidance and technical documentation on our data archive

Are you taking part in one of our funded projects? Are you the parent or carer of someone receiving support from one of our grantees?

Our guidance for participants explains how information will be collected, processed and stored safely when you’re involved in one of our funded projects. It also explains the legal basis we’ll use to process your data and what rights you or your children have.

[If you’re involved in a project funded through our Launch Grant Round, please click here for guidance.]

Have you received a grant for a YEF-funded project? Are you a project’s evaluation partner?

Our guidance for projects and evaluators is a technical document specifically for our funded projects and evaluation partners. It explains how participants’ personal data should be processed as part of our evaluations, including obligations under the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Do you need more technical information about the Youth Endowment Fund’s data archive?

Our Data Protection Impact Assessment  is a requirement from the Information Commissioner’s Office for projects that process sensitive personal data. It explains how and why we’ll collect data from the projects we fund. It also outlines the risks we’ve identified around data collection, processing and storage. And it explains what we’ll do to address these risks.

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