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We’re focusing our work on seven sectors where we see the biggest opportunities to improve support for children and young people at risk of becoming involved in violent crime.

Preventing violent crime through our focus on seven sectors

The Youth Endowment Fund is here to prevent children and young people becoming involved in violence. To help us make the biggest difference over the ten years of our endowment, we’ve selected seven sectors where we’ll use evidence to identify what works and what needs to change, so that children are better supported and violence reduces.

We’ve carefully selected these sectors for a number of reasons. There are clear gaps in the evidence where we can focus our research. There are approaches within these areas that can be robustly evaluated. And, importantly, we think changes in policies and practice in these areas could lead to lasting, positive change for young people, their families and communities.

For each sector, we’ll fund research to build a better understanding of what works to prevent violence. We’ll review the current evidence and make it accessible for everyone to understand. And we’ll build awareness, campaign for change to see reformed systems.

Our seven essential sectors are…

1. Youth Justice

How do we best support arrested children to prevent them becoming involved in violence?

Diverting children from formal criminal justice processes to positive support. ​

2. Education

What should happen in schools, colleges and alternative provision to prevent children becoming involved in violence?

Finding the best ways for all children to get the most out of school, improving attendance, preventing exclusions, helping them realise their potential and be protected from involvement in violence.​

3. Children’s Services

How do we best support families facing challenges to help them create a safe, loving environment at home?

Support to help families facing challenges and help them create a safe, loving environment at home. ​

4. Policing

How does policing best prevent violence – including through working with other organisations where the police are not the lead?

Violence prevention strategies that involve the police and focus on the individuals most likely to be involved in serious violence. ​

5. Neighbourhood

How do we reduce crime and violence in specific neighbourhoods?  

We’ll find out the best ways to reduce youth violence in the neighbourhoods where it’s most prevalent, including the impact of empowering local people to work together.​

6. Health

How do we use therapy to keep children save from becoming involved in violence?

We’ll find out what kinds of therapies work best in helping children deal with challenges and protecting them from involvement in violence.​

7. Youth

How can a trusted adult outside the family help keep a child safe, and what positive activities can support young people from becoming involved in violence?

We’ll work out the best ways to make sure children have trusted adults in their life to protect them from involvement in violence. ​In addition, we’ll better understand how sport and other positive activities could protect children from violence through new, positive friendships groups, opportunities to take risks in a safe environment and links to services. ​