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Published -
February 3, 2022
Statistics briefing

Statistics update (February 2022): The latest data on crime and violence affecting young people

This is our first regular statistics update, looking at the latest data on crime and
violence affecting young people.

Youth justice statistics

It includes: young people in the criminal justice system since the start of the
pandemic; levels of crime and violence reported by police and the Office for
National Statistics; and experimental statistics from the telephone operated crime survey of England and Wales.


Insight 1: Proven offences by young people fell significantly during the pandemic The number of first-time entrants to the youth justice system fell 20% in 2020/21, the largest fall in the past eight years. There was on average 560 young people in custody, a fall of 28%.

Insight 2: Courts have been affected by Covid-19
Covid-19 restrictions limited court activity, with the average time from
offense to sentencing or acquittal increasing by seven weeks to 219

Insight 3: Crime has increased recently
Victim-based crime reported by the police rose 13% between March
and September 2021. Violence against the person was up 12% and
robberies 29%.

Insight 4: Some young people are disproportionately affected
There were 19% fewer arrests of young people aged 10-17. However,
disproportionality remains high, with 85% of arrests being boys.
Around 30% of young people who were arrested are from Black,
Asian and mixed ethnic backgrounds in 2020/21, despite accounting
for 18% of the population.