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Improving Prevention and Diversion for Children

Colleagues from across policing and youth justice are invited to join a Virtual Learning Café run by the Youth Endowment Fund. This is part of our Evidence in Practice series, which sits alongside our Toolkit, giving you the opportunity to hear from policy experts and practitioners on relevant research and practice.

This session focuses on a series of recent research projects on youth diversion and OOCRs led by the Centre for Justice Innovation. These projects provide insights into the current issues facing the youth justice sector and opportunities for improvement. This session will highlight key research findings on:

  • How the national inspection frameworks (including joint inspections) monitor the delivery of diversion work undertaken by YJSs and the police
  • How youth diversion is working for children from minority ethnic backgrounds and children with special educational needs
  • The availability and quality of data on youth diversion

We will be joined by experts, including:

Claire Ely – Head of Criminal Justice Practice at the Centre for Justice Innovation

Phil Bowen – Director of the Centre for Justice Innovation