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Engaging with parents of children at risk of violence

The first Youth Endowment Fund conference for the Children’s Services sector, provided an opportunity to hear from experts across the sector about impactful and promising parenting interventions for children at risk of violence, and how to effectively engage parents/carers with these interventions.

Keynote speakers included:

  • Dame Rachel de Souza – The Children’s Commissioner for England
  • Helen Hayes MP – Shadow Minister for children and early years
  • Ben Lewing – Assistant Director, Foundations
  • Professor Carlene Firmin – Durham University
  • Dez Holmes – Director of Research and Practice

We also ran Interactive workshops:

  • Exploring evidence-based parenting interventions and best practice for engaging parents
  • Working with parents as partners for exploited children.

A panel discussion was also held on ensuring race equity in the delivery of family and parenting interventions.

Video highlights

Highlights from the ‘Engaging with parents of children at risk of violence’ conference.
Keynote: Dame Rachel de Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England
Keynote: Helen Hayes MP, Shadow Minister for Children