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Children’s Services

Find out how we can support you in making a change in the sector, to reduce youth violence.

The purpose of the Youth Endowment Fund is to prevent children and young people from getting involved in violence. Our approach involves researching effective strategies and fostering a collective effort to implement these insights.

Through rigorous research and evaluation, we form ‘What Works’ in our Toolkit, as well as providing useful insights from leading practitioners.

Children’s Services Events and Information

Up and coming events:

Schoolgirl in class with her hand in the air

Wed 6 December, 2023

Culturally Sensitive Parenting Programmes for Children at Risk of Violence

Hear from expert academics and practitioners on relevant research, insights, and practical ideas drawn from professional experience to understand the family support service experiences of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds, and how services can be delivered in culturally sensitive ways.

Past events:

Virtual Learning Café REPLAY: Monday 25 September 2023

This is the first of the YEF Children’s Services ‘Evidence in Practice’ series, which sits alongside our Toolkit – giving you opportunity to hear from expert academics and practitioners on a range of interesting topics, and to engage in the conversation.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Kirsten Asmussen, Head of Child Development at Foundations – What Works Centre for Children & Families
  • Associate Professor Matt Buttery, CEO, Triple P – UK & Ireland
  • Dr Claire Halsey, Triple P UK Implementation Consultant for Research and Trainer
  • Gail Gibbons, Head of Change – Children’s Services & Health, Youth Endowment Fund
Evidence in Practice: Children at risk of violence – What works in parenting interventions?