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Working for change

We’ll build a movement of people throughout England and Wales who are passionate about keeping children safe.

None of our work will matter if we end up producing a lot of interesting reports that stay sitting on a shelf. That’s why we want to help build a movement to make change happen.

We’ll do this by…

Scaling up what works

When an activity is shown to be effective, we’ll help expand it. We’ll help organisations strengthen their internal structures and capacity, so they’re ready to scale up their work. That could include expanding their existing provision or replicating programmes in new locations across their networks.

Spreading great practice

When a practice is shown to be effective, we’ll work with others to spread it. We’ll build networks and coalitions of people and organisations who are passionate about spreading ideas that work. We’ll provide the best possible evidence on what does work and then work together to spread great practice.

Improving the system

Sometimes what will be needed are changes to the system itself. We will need to work together to change the structures, processes or institutional biases that decide how and where resources are directed and how children and their families are supported. Where there’s evidence that change is needed, we’ll work with others to make that happen. Sometimes this will be hard, sometimes it may make us unpopular, but we’ll always put children and young people first and ask what is needed to keep them safe.

To make sure we’re doing all of this, we’re building a network of people who are passionate about protecting the children most at risk and want their decisions to be based on the best available evidence. They’ll help us to set our change objectives and get them implemented.

If you’re interested in working with us to make change happen, we’d love to hear from you.

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