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YEF Toolkit Expert Panels and Peer Reviewers

The YEF Toolkit is an online, free-to-access resource summarising the best available research on approaches to prevent youth violence. It currently contains 27 different topics. Each topic summary is informed by a rigorous systematic review of the research.  A core part of this process involves peer reviewers and expert panels to provide insight, feedback and guidance about Toolkit topics, using either academic research or practice-based knowledge and expertise in the subject matter.   

How Can You Help?

We are looking to increase our network of experts, across various interventions and issues related to preventing children and young people becoming involved in violence.  Topics include:

  • Supervision (e.g. curfews or electronic monitoring)
  • Home visiting
  • Nutrition and supplements
  • Post custody aftercare resettlement
  • Poverty
  • Pre-school programmes
  • Racism and disproportionality
  • Relationship violence prevention
  • Bystander programmes
  • Stop and search
  • Summer employment and training programmes

If you would like to join our network to hear about opportunities to participate as an Expert Panel member or peer-reviewer, please complete this form.