What we do
The Youth Endowment Fund funds and supports promising programmes, develops the evidence base for what works to prevent youth offending, and builds partnerships to share learning and have a bigger impact.

Two boys play table football

The Youth Endowment Fund will fund, support and evaluate promising interventions working with 10-14 year olds in England and Wales to prevent later offending.

Each project we fund will be evaluated. Through these evaluations and our evidence reviews, we’ll build up our knowledge of what works, for whom and under what circumstances (and what doesn’t work).

We’ll work with decision makers and practitioners to ensure this knowledge is understood and applied so that we are delivering the most effective interventions to the young people who need them.

The Youth Endowment Fund joins the Education Endowment Foundation (founded by Impetus and the Sutton Trust), the Early Intervention Foundation and the other What Works Centres in the Cabinet Office’s What Works Network.

The Youth Endowment Fund will:

  • Fund, support and evaluate the most promising interventions aiming to prevent 10-14 year olds in England and Wales from being drawn in to crime and violence
  • Build the UK evidence base of what works by generating and promoting knowledge and practice to transform how we tackle youth offending
  • Develop a ‘place based’ approach to working with local community partnerships in selected areas of high need [coming soon]
  • Build partnerships with other funders in order to share best practice and learning while directing more resources to tackling serious violence and building a legacy beyond the ten year life of the fund.



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