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Keith Fraser and Steve Walker join the YEF’s governing Committee

Keith Fraser and Steve Walker, two of the UK’s leading practitioners on youth justice and children’s services, have joined the governing Committee of the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF).

The Youth Endowment Fund exists to find out what works to reduce violence and build a movement to put this into practice. The Committee is responsible for setting the YEF’s strategy and oversees the fund’s work to prevent children becoming involved in violence. As Committee members, Keith and Steve will help govern how the charity’s ten-year, £200m endowment from the Home Office is spent.

Keith Fraser is Chair of the Youth Justice Board (YJB) for England and Wales. Keith is a vocal champion for reducing the over-representation of children from ethnic minorities in the youth justice system. Throughout his career, he’s been an advocate for early intervention and the need to find alternatives to remand in order to keep children out of the justice system. Prior to joining the YJB, Keith spent 32 years working in the Metropolitan and West Midlands police forces, rising from police constable to Superintendent and Chief Inspector.

Steve Walker is the former Director of Children’s Services with Leeds City Council. Under his leadership, the Council’s Ofsted rating improved from “good” to “outstanding” and introduced ‘Family Valued’, an approach which seeks to create a shift in culture towards working ‘with’ families rather than doing things ‘to’ them. ‘Family Valued’ formed part of the Department for Education’s ‘Strengthening Families, Protecting Children’ programme. In addition to his new role on the YEF Committee, Steve is also a Trustee for What Works for Children’s Social Care.

Jon Yates, Executive Director at the Youth Endowment Fund said: “At the YEF we have bold ambitions to change things for children and reduce violence. To do that we need great, knowledgeable people involved. I am thrilled that Keith and Steve are joining what is already an exceptional Committee.”

Keith Fraser, Chair of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, said: “I have spent many years working in the justice system. As Chair of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales, I’m even more aware of how working in collaboration and using an evidence-based approach can prevent and stop children being impacted by violence. I’m proud to be part of the Youth Endowment Fund, an organisation which collaborates and uses evidence to develop sustainable solutions to keep children safe from violence.”

Steve Walker commented: “The Youth Endowment Fund’s vision of a world where no child or young person becomes involved in violence is one that I wholeheartedly support. Its work to understand why children and young people become involved in violence, and what works to prevent it is critically important. If we want to support children and young people to achieve their potential, we need to ensure that they get the right support, in the right way at the right time.”