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Entry deadline:
29th April 2021

Our xyz grount round:


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The question we’re aiming to answer:

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What we’re aiming to invest in

We’ll aim to identify around XYZ programmes that are ready for robust impact evaluation or could be supported to reach this point within two years. We will look to spend between £A million and £🐝 million depending on the quality of the applications.

Scope of programmes we’ll fund in this round

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Why we’re investing in diversion

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Funding round timeline

March – April 2021
Grant round workshops Grant round workshops
We’ll be running a series of online workshops for organisations interested in becoming a YEF partner in this grant round. For more information and to sign-up, please click here [link]. You can also email Antoinette by clicking here.
19 April 2021
Online applications open
23 April 2021
Application close
30 June 2021
Shortlisted applicants informed
July – October 2021
Shortlisted applicants co-design programme with evaluators
November 2021
Grants awarded