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We Are With You

Another chance - Diversion from the criminal justice system
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Pilot study

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Pre-court diversion




University of Kent

About the project – Re-Frame

This is a two-session substance misuse intervention seeking to educate young people on the effects and consequences of illegal substances.

Young people are referred by police, having been arrested in possession of a Class B/C substance for personal use, but not necessarily for a drugs-related crime. Providing police are satisfied the young person meets the criteria for Outcome 22, they are referred to WeAre With You halting any further criminal prosecution. All young people are aged 10-17, with little or no prior history with the police.

Through structured sessions with skilled youth workers framed around a contextual safeguarding approach, young people are given the chance to reflect on how their actions have affected their lives, their family and wider community. And are offered support in relation to trauma or consequences felt because of their arrest.

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