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Violence Reduction Network for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Another chance - Diversion from the criminal justice system
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Project name:

The Reach Programme



Evaluation type:

Feasibility study

Activity Type:



School and college


Sheffield Hallam University

About the project – The Reach Project

The Reach Project is a new six month intensive mentoring intervention for young people at risk of exclusion or whom have received a fixed-term exclusion, and have three additional indicators of vulnerability to future involvement in crime and violence.

They are referred via the school and within 24 hours the referral will be triaged to assess eligibility and eligible young person and their parents/carers will be contacted to arrange an assessment as soon as practicable. The project aims to identify young people at a teachable/reachable moment (i.e at the time of an incident which might prompt a trajectory towards exclusion).

The assessment with the young person and their parent/carer will explore the strengths, needs, risks and interests of the young person. This information will be used to match the young person to the most suitable youth worker who will act as a mentor throughout the duration of the intervention.

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