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Trauma-Informed Schools UK

Trauma-informed practice
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Trauma-informed training and service redesign


School and college



About the project

This project seeks to use a whole-school approach to trauma-informed practice, as well as provide targeted support to individual students in secondary schools.

All staff will receive training on trauma and trauma-informed practice. Senior leadership teams will be provided with training and consultancy support to develop a safe, inclusive and mentally healthy school culture. Selected staff will also receive intensive Diploma-level training to become practitioners who can act as trauma-informed champions within the school, providing support to other staff members and leading interventions with individual students who are in need of direct trauma-informed support.

Through this range of support, the project aims to strengthen the connection and engagement of students with the school. And help young people affected by trauma build trusted adult relationships, make sense of painful life experiences and reduce behavioural difficulties.

About the round

Project protocol