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Tavistock Relationships

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Evaluation type:

Pilot study

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Parenting programmes




Sheffield Hallam University

About the project – Mentalization-Based Therapy: Parents under Pressure (MBT-PP)  

The programme offers 10 sessions of mentalization-based therapy for parents experiencing high levels of relationship conflict that is frequent, intense and poorly resolved. The MBT intervention helps people to better understand their own and others’ mental states and improve their communication so that they are less prone to expressing their feelings in high conflict or other destructive acting-out. The MBT-PP therapists will work with parents to help them regulate their emotions more effectively by learning skills that improve their communication with their co-parent, whether they are living together or separated. The work focuses, in particular, on helping parents to think about their children’s experience of the conflict and they are helped to bring the child to the front of their minds during arguments – as this is key to helping parents achieve real and lasting change for the benefit of their children, and themselves.    

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