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St Giles

A trusted adult
In progress

Evaluation type:

Efficacy study

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School and college


NatCen Social Research

About the project – SOS+

SOS+ works with schools, and other education providers, to identify children and young people in need of one-to-one mentoring. These children and young people may display risk indicators that may make them more likely to become involved in youth violence and exploitation (e.g. truancy, missing episodes, involvement with the criminal justice system, safeguarding concerns etc.)

SOS+ Mentors are authentic and credible, providing children and young people with a safe space to facilitate deep conversations about their experiences while also developing their self-esteem, creating a positive self-identify and raising aspirations.

About the round

  • Themed grant round

    Grant:A trusted adult

    We’re looking to fund and evaluate projects where trusted adult relationships – outside of the family environment – is a defining or core feature of their work to improve outcomes for children and young people who have been or are at high-risk of being affected by violence, offending and/or exploitation.

Project protocols

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