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Another chance - Diversion from the criminal justice system
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Evaluation type:

Pilot study

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A and E navigators


A&E and health services


University of Birmingham

About the project – Youth Violence Intervention Programme

Redthread’s multidisciplinary youth work teams are embedded within 13 Major Trauma Centres and Local Trauma Units within hospitals across London, Nottinghamshire and Birmingham.

The intervention begins when a young person aged 10-17 attends the emergency department because of a violent incident, or with any presenting issue that suggests the influence of exploitation. Once the injury has been managed by the relevant medical staff, the young person is referred to Redthread by one of the healthcare professionals.

Each young person is provided with an ‘Individual Support Plan’ based on their individual situation and circumstances. For young people who do not have an effective support network or who are facing extremely high-levels of complex risk or harm, Redthread offer a longer-term intervention (approx. 12 weeks). Those young people who already have the support of multiple existing agencies and/or a key professional, Redthread’s intervention can be utilised over a shorter-term intervention, in a more “supported” role and involves “scaffolding” the teachable moment back into that young person’s professional network.

At the end of the intervention, Redthread ensure the safety needs of the young person are met and that they are connected to the appropriate ongoing support from a specialist agency(ies) and an end assessment process is completed, with a clear co-produced action plan in place. Contact is then made with the young person six months following the intervention, as part of their follow up process.

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