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Multi-site trial: Mentoring

Multi-site trials
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Multi-Site Trial: Mentoring



Evaluation type:

Pilot study

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Bryson Purdon Social Research, Centre for Evidence and Implementation, The Centre for Youth Impact

About the project

Mentoring matches children and young people with mentors who provide guidance and support. The YEF’s Toolkit shows that mentoring is likely to have a moderate impact on reducing violent crime. But there is little high-quality UK evidence, especially on delivery by grassroots organisations.

The YEF funding initially saw 10 small organisations that deliver mentoring recruited to take part in a feasibility study of the multi-site RCT. This will inform the roll-out of a subsequent pilot RCT evaluation involving up to 20 small organisations, delivering mentoring to approximately 1,000 children and young people over the course of a year.

The delivery partners for the multi-site trials of mentoring practice are:

Download the study plans: