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Another chance - Diversion from the criminal justice system
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Project name:

Your Choice



Evaluation type:

Pilot study

Activity Type:

Psychological therapies




Anna Freud Centre, Institute for Fiscal Studies

About the project – Your Choice

The Your Choice programme offers intensive, therapeutic support for young people aged 11-17 who are at most risk of being affected by violence or exploitation.

Specialist frontline practitioners from London borough children’s services deliver Cognitive Behaviour Therapy interventions, which help young people manage challenges in their lives by breaking the cycle and changing the way they think and behave.

By making therapeutic activities more available in the community, the programme aims to engage children and young people who do not typically access mental health services in clinical settings.

Up to 2,500 young Londoners will be referred to the programme by borough children’s services and has been integrated into existing local services for young people to ensure it is reaching children in the places they usually go and has a lasting impact.

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