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Evaluation types:

Efficacy study, Feasibility & Pilot study

Activity Type:

Parenting programmes




Ending Youth Violence Lab

About the project – GenPMTO

This parenting programme involves trained practitioners working with parents to support the use of positive parenting strategies at home. It involves parents attending about 10-14 weekly sessions.

The programme aims to improve parental strategies and approaches to discipline and to improve children’s behaviour in the shorter-term, and in the longer-term to prevent antisocial, offending and criminal behaviour, reduce school exclusions and improve academic performance. GenPMTO has robust evidence from other countries of improving a range of important outcomes, including for reducing arrests.

The Lab will be conducting a multi-stage evaluation over three years, partnering with Implementation Sciences International (programme developers) and Barnardo’s (as delivery partner). This will involve testing and optimising the delivery of the programme in the UK, piloting an approach to evaluating the programme’s effectiveness, and then continuing to a full-scale randomised control trial.

About the round – The Lab: Ending Youth Violence

The Lab: Ending Youth Violence is a venture between Stuart Roden, the Youth Endowment Fund and the Behavioural Insights Team. The Lab focuses on identifying promising projects, which seek to address youth violence, and funds the development and delivery of those projects to get them ready for robust evaluations.

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