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SAFE Taskforce

Virtual Learning Café: SAFE Taskforce

Colleagues from across the education sector are invited to listen to our virtual Evidence in Practice series, so together we can collectively understand the best practice to support young people affected by violence.

The session focused on the work and learning from the Department of Education’s ‘Support, Attend, Fulfil, Exceed’ (SAFE) Taskforce. This programme delivers targeted interventions to reduce truancy, improve behaviours, and reduce the risk of individuals failing to enter education, employment or training (NEET).

Guest speakers:

Ed Boggis, SAFE Programme Lead at the Department for Education

Alice Lyon, Senior Research Officer in the Serious Violence Research & Analysis team at the Department for Education

Anna Wallace, SAFE Commissioning Lead, Bradford

Jeremy Swire, SAFE Project Co-ordinator, Bradford

Ginny Thorne, SAFE Commissioning Lead, Haringey

Gifford Sutherland, CEO, Upskill Ltd (SAFE Mentoring)

Virtual Learning Café – SAFE Taskforce