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United Borders

Another chance - Diversion from the criminal justice system
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Project name:

United Borders: B.U.S



Evaluation type:

Pilot study

Activity Types:

Arts participation, Mentoring




University of Birmingham

About the project

This is a 10-week music and mentoring project. Listening to, and creating music is used as a tool through which to explore thoughts, feelings and past experiences. Young people who are at high risk, or are currently involved in crime, are supported by mentors who have lived experience which is similar to the young people. The mentors also have music production skills. The majority of the project takes place in an adapted double-decker bus, allowing the project team to work in different neighbourhoods. The project has specified sessions and objectives throughout the 10 weeks. The programme finishes with a graduation ceremony, and sign-posting to other services as necessary. Some young people remain involved with United Borders as peer mentors.


The YEF have commissioned a further evaluation of the project. A new pilot trial will aim to assess the feasibility of progressing to a larger randomised controlled trial.

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