FAQs - Our funding priorities
What’s the strategy for? Does it explain what you’ll be funding?


The strategy is an ambitious, long-term plan to keep children and young people safe. It outlines the way we’ll try to achieve our mission, to find out what works to prevent children becoming involved in violence and build a movement which put this knowledge into practice. It explains how we’ll do this by:

    • Funding great work. We’ll fund projects in England and Wales that intervene early in children and young people’s lives to prevent them becoming involved in crime and violence. That’ll include a specific Neighbourhood Fund to work in small areas where crime is highest. And we’ll launch grant rounds focused on priority themes, addressing topics as diverse as school exclusions or child criminal exploitation. We’ll also work with organisations that have great ideas but don’t have the capacity for evaluation, to help build their ability to find out what works.
    • Finding out what works. By evaluating, testing and researching the projects we fund, we’ll build knowledge of what works for whom, and under what circumstances. And we’ll use existing evidence and make it accessible, so that everyone working with children and young people can make decisions based on what works.
    • Listening to children and young people. Often, people with power don’t know enough about the lives of children and young people most at risk. We’re committed to hearing their voices and meaningfully involving them in decision-making.
    • Working together for change. We know that, even with all of this knowledge, we can’t make a difference if people working with children and young people don’t know about it. So we’ll build networks cutting across the youth sector, education sector, children’s social care and the police – all striving together for change.


The strategy is broad and high-level, so it doesn’t go into detail about the exact interventions we’re looking to fund.

We’re currently in the process of setting our priorities for the first three years of our themed grant rounds – but before we make any decisions, we want to make sure we’ve heard from you.


So how do I take part and share my views on your priorities?


We’re asking everyone who’s interested to fill in this short, online form. It won’t take you more than five minutes!


What’ll happen once I sign-up?


Once you’ve filled in the form, we’ll get in touch with you to let you know how you can get involved. We might ask you to join an online roundtable event, fill in a survey or meet with a member of our team for an informal chat.


What sort of questions will you ask?


We want to know how the Youth Endowment Fund can help you keep children and young people safe. We’ll share some of the ideas we’ve come up with for our themed grant rounds (which are all based on an internal review we’ve done of the existing evidence). And then we’ll ask you about what you think. Have we included the right things in the scope of those themes? What have we missed? What should we do better?

If you’re interested in evidence and the development of our toolkit, we might also ask you a bit about the kind of evidence you use when you’re making decisions about your work with children and young people. We’ll also ask about the sort of evidence that would be most useful to you and how you’d like to access it.

We’ll be talking to people over the next three months to decide what our priorities are. In early 2021, we’ll produce a report that’ll explain the decision we’ve made on the theme of our next grant round and how you’ve all helped to shape it.

We hope this will just be the start of our work together. Over the ten years of the Fund, there’ll be lots more opportunities to get involved, to help us make the biggest difference to as many children and young people as possible. We know we can only make the changes we want to see together.


Why have you decided to have themed grant rounds?  


We know there’s a lot that we need to address to achieve our mission. By picking themes, we can make sure we’re focused on areas where change is possible, where we can learn about what works and where we can build a coalition with those who want to do things differently.

We’ll be selecting two themes that we’ll look at up until 2023. Because we have such a long-term fund, we’ll get the chance to address a lot more themes through our future grant rounds.

Even if your work is outside of the scope of our themes, we’ll also be funding specific place-based projects where crime is particularly high. And we know that sometimes there will be promising projects that don’t fit into our priority themes or our place-based funding. We won’t ignore these. If we identify practices that are widely used but as yet untested, we’ll provide the resources to evaluate and learn from them.


How have you come up with your ideas for these themes?


We’ve been having initial conversations with lots of people who work to keep children safe from violence. We’ve also done a review to try and understand existing research and what it tells us about different types of intervention. It’s that which has led us to our two suggestions, which we’d like to discuss with you as part of our consultation programme

Right now, we aren’t wedded to these ideas; they really are just suggestions. We want the discussions we have with you and others to improve our thinking, to make sure we get the most impact out of the money we invest in the next three years. If we find out these themes are wrong, we’ll change direction.


Why have you decided on this timing?


We’re taking the next three months to speak to as many different people as we can, to make sure that we’re setting the right priorities for the next three years. That includes speaking to the children and young people we want to support.

And, when we announce the theme of our next grant round, we’ll want to continue to work with you so that we get the scope right. That way, we can make sure our funding really helps us to learn about how we can all help to keep young people safe.


How much money will you spend on each theme?


That really depends – we’re committed to learning more about each theme area before we open our funding round. That means we won’t be allocating specific amounts of money until we’ve done what we can to find out how our funding can make the biggest impact.


When will you fund other areas?


We’ll spend the next nine years funding projects. So this won’t be the last opportunity to speak to us about our themed grant rounds – it’s an ongoing process. And even if your project doesn’t fit with our themes, we’ll also look at targeted interventions and place-based work in the future. Sign up to our newsletter to keep in the loop about how you can get involved.


When can I apply?


We expect expressions of interest in our next themed grant round to launch in late Spring or early Summer 2021.

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